Who we are

NETWORK SOLUTION BD is the only service providers in Bangladesh also we import Fiber Optic Products by NETWORK CORPORATION Since 2010. The NETWORK CORPORATION is part of our NETWORK SOLUTION BD.

It’s a Joint with Government ,Semi Government, Private Sector Company. It is Located at Surma view,Academy Road,Ward-05,Feni-3900 Bangladesh.

NETWORK SOLUTION BD Specializes with the Following Network Products and Components:

  • Test Equipment and tools (Splice machine, OTDR. Analyzers. Monitoring Systems, etc)
  • Fiber Optic Patch Cords and Pigtails
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • All Types of Switches & Routers
  • ISP, NTTN, FTTX, FTTB Products
  • Cable Management Products
  • CATV Product
  • Wireless & Wi-Il Products
  • OPGW Cable for Power sector
  • Fiber Optic Signaling Products for Rail road
  • After Sales Service
  • All Type Fiber Optic Connectors and Adapters
  • Service & Installation
  • LAN &WAN Products
  • Energy Storage

NETWORK SOLUTION BD emphasizes to PDCA (Plan, Do, Correct & Act) System to ensure all customers get the products with optimum cost efficiency and on time solutions of the highest quality of international standard by achieving zero defect in quality As well as Services. It is an Government certified company for Quality and Service Management.

NETWORK SOLUTION BD is importing all kinds of optical fiber goods From India,China,Australia, Denmark. France, Germany, the Netherlands, USA and Other Countries.

Service capacity

  • FC/LC/MTRJ/SC/ST/E2000/ Lx, 5
  • Termination/year 850 000 pcs
  • Connector (ST/SC) Assembly/ year 2,184 000 pcs
  • Adapter (ST) Assembly/year 168 480 pcs
  • Light Guide/year 40000 pcs
  • Adapter (ST) Assembly/year 1248 000 ocs